Why you should not drive yourself on long distance trip

Road trips can be a lot of fun. They can also create dangerous situations if you leave for a long road trip without the proper planning. Many people think that they will just figure out places to stop in between the trip, places to eat, and who is going to drive once they have started out on a long car ride, but this can be unwise.

There are many considerations that you should take into consideration before you embark on a long-distance drive. Make sure that you think about all of the items on this list before you climb in the car to head out on your trip, and you will have fun, be safe, and get the most out of the experience!

First of all, long-distance can mean something very different from one person to the next. For some people, driving a couple of hours is a long distance to travel. For others, travelling inter-state counts as a long drive.

No matter what distance you are driving, you should always think through your decision of long-distance driving before choosing to drive yourself. No doubt, it would be fun if you were not driving on the current Nigerian road, especially in this period where insecurity is at its peak.

The big question is why should you not drive yourself on a long-distance trip?

  1. Insecurity

With the increasing number of high-way kidnapping and bandits/unknown gunmen operations within the country, it will be a high risk to drive through territories you’re not used to as you may just drive yourself into their den, all thanks to google map.

2. Bad Roads


Have you ever thought of what might happen if you are on a high speed, say 160KM/H because of how free the road seems and seeing that it is the highway, all of a sudden, you saw series of ditches in front, what would you do?

You may have the right answer to this though right now, but do you think that thought would cross your mind when confronted with this in a flash?

Long-distance professional drivers are already accustomed to this route and know where they need to start slowing down from but, you won’t know this because you hardly make these trips regularly.

3. Too Much Check-Points


If you drive mostly within the southern part of Nigeria, one of the reoccurring issues you will have to deal with are military checkpoints. You get to see one almost every 30 minutes interval and this can be tiring as it is accompanied by one-way traffic plus random stop and search. Believe us, this is one headache you would definitely not want to go through.

4. Illegal Stop and Search by FRSC and NPF

The moment you are on a good portion of the road where you think you can cover up miles that have been wasted on the bad road, then you will see either FRSC or NPF randomly stopping vehicles with military personnel on standby. If you’re pulled aside, you may be delayed unnecessarily and this can be handled easily by professional long-distance drivers as they are aware of how to handle the situation without you spending your entire precious time on a road trip.

5. Irresponsible Drivers.

Most of the accidents that occur on the highway can be traced back to irresponsible driving.

Take, for instance, some lanes on the Nigerian highway are bad and most of the time, both traffic are on one lane and two cars are trying to overtake a trailer at the same time,  what do you think this might lead to??? Professional long-distance drivers know how to spot this type of fellows because they encounter them more frequently than you and you may become a victim if you get to spot these irresponsible drives late.

6. Highway Traffic

If you think Lagos traffic is mad, then pray you don’t get caught up in highway traffic as the experience is horrible because in that instant, a robbery may occur or the traffic may remain standstill for hours and end of the day, you get to pass the night on the highway.

The advantage of the professional long distanced drivers is that they know some neighbouring villages they could drive through to bypass such traffic, thereby saving you the luxury of time. You wouldn’t know this because this is not your day-to-day life or you may be scared to follow a vehicle driving away from the highway through a village as well.

7. Your Mental Health

After going through all of the above stress, on getting to your destination, you will be so exhausted and wasted to even think of speaking to anyone for long that day. If you were driven by a long-distance professional driver, you will be able to recharge throughout the journey by taking in-between naps and as well not stressing yourself driving.


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