Are you an experienced driver, ready to join a family and company of professionalism and excellence?

We are looking to hire you.
Our recruitment and deployment processes are fully digitized, flexible, but thorough, to ensure that we engage only the qualified, competent and hardworking.
Because we hire only the exceptionally best, engaged drivers who scale through our processes become the pride of drivers.
They become Pylots!
Our Pylots have driving options such as:
Full-Time Driving:
Personal Drivers
Corporate Drivers
Part-Time Driving:
Inter-State Drivers
Tour Drivers
Convoy Drivers
Weekend Drivers
Secure Employment
Flexible Worktime
Insurance Cover
Office Proximity (We only pair drivers with clients in same geo-location)
It is easy to apply.
Simply click:  http://bit.ly/hirerdriver
Send an SMS with (Name, Location & Pylot) to 08096083300
You can also become a Pylot by visiting our website and clicking “BECOME A PYLOT”

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