Often time, due to the tight work schedule, industry professionals and corporate executives tend to hire a driver to drive them while they try to maximize every single minute of the traffic. The only mistake they make when hiring such drivers is not putting their driver through “DRIVER’S CHECKLIST” and the consequence of such a decision is often changing their driver every three months.

The “driver checklist” you need to put your driver through will help you in hiring the right one, the list is as followed.


As a business executive, you need a personal driver who is reliable and trustworthy. You need to be able to count on your driver to arrive when scheduled and follow their routes in a timely and efficient manner.


Drivers need to show up on time. Whether they are making deliveries or driving a route. drivers need to be able to start their routes at a specific time to keep the fleet operation running efficiently.


You need a driver who will be safe on the roads. Making sure drivers are alert and aware of their surroundings is a key quality to look for in new hires. Drivers need to be able to focus on the road and tune out other distractions, while also anticipating the movements of other drivers on the road. Possessing these qualities can help ensure drivers will take safety precautions when driving their routes.

Good Driving Record/Driving License

It goes without saying that drivers need to have clean driving records. Before hiring a driver, fleet operations need to ensure the prospective hires have a spotless driving record, both to make sure they are hiring a safe, responsible driver, and also to avoid higher insurance premiums.

Having a driving license is non-negotiable as it keeps the law enforcers away from harassing the driver and delaying you from getting to your destination on time. It as well gives the driver peace of mind that they’re not violating the basic law guiding driving.

Excellent Vision and Hearing

All drivers should undergo vision and hearing tests prior to being hired to ensure they are cleared to legally and safely operate a vehicle.

Good Communication Skills

Make sure potential drivers have good communication skills because no one wants to stay mute in their car all through the journey. You want to have a conversation occasionally with your driver and you want to be confident that you won’t develop headaches after the conversation because of wrong communication skills from your driver.

Having good communication skills also enables drivers to relate well to management and co-workers, as they are better able to convey messages and issues.

Mechanically Savvy

While drivers don’t have to be technicians, it helps to have drivers who have the minimal mechanical knowledge to be able to detect and convey any potential issues with the vehicle. Knowing something is wrong with the vehicle early on before it becomes a larger issue is key to keeping vehicles on the road. Also, having drivers been able to explain problems they are experiencing with the vehicle will help technicians be able to better diagnose the issue.


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